Swift verruca treatment works where others fail

Swift verrucae treatment

We have made a major financial investment in Swift® which is the latest treatment for verrucae and we are currently one of only two clinics in Cornwall offering this treatment.

We feature a case study from a very satisfied patient who was referred to us by her regular podiatrist for treatment of seven verrucae.

“Following a short spell in hospital several years ago a verruca appeared on my right foot. I have since submitted my foot to almost every known treatment at GP clinics and podiatrists, despite which the original verruca remained and increased in number. By the time a new one appeared on my left foot for the first time I had become desparate.When I heard from my regular podiatrist that Paul Bateman had invested in a new machine which was reputed to have successful results I made an appointment. I was told that the treatment involved three sessions a month apart and then after three months a further appointment to look at the result.
The first treatment was not exactly painless. Five verrucae were treated and each was subjected to several sharp stings but the discomfort was very short lived.The only evidence that something was happening was a slight stain under the skin. The following sessions were painless.After the third session I then had to wait for three months for the next appointment. I was astonished to find that the first to disappear were the two which hadn’t been treated.At the time of writing the last verruca is rapidly disappearing according to my regular podiatrist.”
Mrs M. Main

More information about Swift® can be found on our Swift treatment page.

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