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Foot Care Products

We sell a wide range of foot care products which have been specially selected using our knowledge and experience to provide high-quality and value for money. Many of these items are not available in pharmacies or supermarkets.

Whether you are attending the clinic for treatment, or simply wish to call in, we are always happy to provide advice on the most appropriate product to suit your needs, with no obligation or pressure to buy.

Klenz® Shoe Deodorizer and Sanitizer

Microorganisms inside footwear are a major cause of foot infection and odour.

Klenz® uses a combination of nano silver and ozone, both powerful sterilizing agents, to eradicate bacteria, fungi and other problem microorganisms inside your footwear. No heat or harmful chemicals are involved so your shoes will not be damaged. The process takes less than 10 minutes to complete and at only £2 per pair offers a cost-effective solution to a common and often embarrassing problem. 01209 314131