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Our Fees

We believe in being open and transparent with our fees.

We are always happy to provide a written estimate of treatment costs following a consultation with one of our clinicians.

New Patients

New Patient Consultation/Treatment Up to 45 minutes £45.00

General Podiatry

Routine Treatment – Basic * Up to 15 minutes £25.00
Routine Treatment – Standard Up to 30 minutes £35.00
Routine Treatment – Extended Up to 45 minutes £45.00
* Available only at our discretion as part of a course of treatment.
Home Visit 1 patient
2 patient
Our fee includes travel to your premises and up to 30 minutes routine treatment. An additional fee may apply where more extensive work is required. The local areas covered by the practice are listed on our General Podiatry page. Home Visits to other areas may be provided at our discretion for an additional fee. Please enquire for further details.
Local Anaesthetic £30.00
Custom Silicone Appliance from £2.00

Musculoskeletal Podiatry

Biomechanical assessment* Up to 60 minutes £65.00
Insoles from £14.50
Orthoses – Semi-Custom/Custom £POA
* includes RS footscan® static and dynamic foot pressure analysis

Specialist Treatments

Swift Microwave Therapy per treatment session £80.00
Cryosurgery (Liquid Nitrogen) per treatment session £45.00
Clearanail Nail Fenestration from £80.00

Minor Surgery

Partial / Total Nail Avulsion with matrix ablation 1 toe £295.00
2 toes £395.00
Curettage / Electrosurgery from £195.00
All Minor Surgery fees are for a package which includes the cost of a local anaesthetic, the procedure, all aftercare and a dressing pack.

Diagnostics and Miscellaneous Fees

Fungal Nail Test (Dermatophyte) £40.00
Klenz® Footwear sanitize/deodorize Per pair £2.50 01209 314131